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Production is geared to synthetic films and special products. Our machines, equipment and systems are constantly updated and technologically designed for producing a wide range of various products. Special coating heads make the adhesive process possible with gum pattern adhesives.

Various coating techniques make it possible for a vast range of adhesives to be used. The "corona" treatment and the lacquering system enable sophisticated production. Coating and lamination, even multilayered products, are done at a width of 1.500 mm.

Cutting and rewinding are carried out by machines wich are capable of providing the clientele personally requested roll widths, satisfying the need's of today's printing machines.

Roll Cover Italiana s.r.l. - via Lazzaretto 40 - 21013 Gallarate (VA) Italy - tel. +39 0331 792116 - fax +39 0331 773208