Roll Cover Italiana is a leading company on the national and foreign market in the production of self-adhesive films. Mainly aimed at label makers, it stands out for its ability to fully understand the customer’s needs, thus developing the most suitable solutions. Choosing Roll Cover means relying on a solid ally for the development of custom-made projects.


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Adhesives with reserve

Create labels that are not completely adhesive, for example to create hook labels, used in the pharmaceutical sector, or to obtain a tab to be pulled manually ... This is how the idea of reserve adhesives was born, one of the most particular special processes that...

Ecological Embossed Papers

Self-adhesive papers in the name of ecology, with a fine embossed surface finish, for the creation of unique, elegant ... and sustainable paper labels. Suitable for color and high definition prints. With permanent adhesive, they are mainly used in the Luxury, Beverage...

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